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Step 1: Choose your type of box spring base and suspension

Choose from an adjustable or a non-adjustable bed. When choosing the legs, think about the desired height. The step height is determined by the height of the box, the mattress and the legs. Ideally, it should be between 50 and 65 centimetres. This corresponds approximately to the height of the hollow of the knee so that the knees and the back are taxed less.



● Double zoned pocket springs will let you experience the ultimate sleep comfort.

● A lower bed makes a room look more spacious.

● When determining the length, you should apply the ‘20 cm longer than your body length’ rule. This way, your body gets the space necessary to completely unwind.


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Step 2: Choose your mattress

Choose the core and the cover. To make a good choice, it is best to take into account the lying comfort, support, ventilation, thermal insulation and moisture- regulating properties of the mattress. The mattress should provide sufficient space for the shoulders and hips and support the lumbar region well. There is usually a choice of “Tender”, “Comfort” or “Support” implementation. Each mattress is completely attuned to the Magnitude box spring for optimal support and comfort.


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Step 3: Choose your head-and footboard

Choose from the most diverse shapes, from a straight model without edges to a baroque headboard with buttons… There are a number of standard sizes, but you can usually adjust to the desired height and width.


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Step 4: Choose your fabric

From autumnal chestnut tones, tonal patterns to soft pastels… From cotton, wool or linen, with or without structure, from felt, velvet, satin to leather. Whichever look you prefer, let your inspiration run free. The possibilities are endless.


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Step 5: The ultimate sleeping experience

Complete your ultimate sleeping experience with: an ottoman, bedside tables, decoration such as a plaid, a bed cover, quilt or valance, decorative pillows, bolster rolls…


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