“Magnitude offers countless possibilities to create your personal dream bed. The only limitation is your own imagination.” - Frank Verschuere, Managing Director


1001 nights

Magnitude offers you 1001 possibilities to create your own personalised dream bed. Everything starts from your feeling, your ideas and your personal taste. You choose the colours and materials, you create the look, you determine the mood. From timeless classic to surprisingly daring, Magnitude has few boundaries. The only limitation is your own imagination.

Your own design

Your ultimate dream bed is an expression of your style, your taste, your ideas. And thus: an invitation to let your imagination run free and to express your creativity. You will be able to let yourself be assisted by one of our trained partners/shop advisors. They will look together with you for the finest fabrics, advise you in the choice of colours and use all the resources to help you achieve your ultimate dream bed.

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