Top quality

“If there is even a minimum chance that a rare type of yarn, an old sewing technique or crafted precision scissors will contribute anything to a better end result, then we will get it in house.” – Brecht Holvoet, R&D Manager


We know how

What we do ourselves, we do better. For some it is a hollow jest, for us it is a philosophy. Our production is done from a to z in our own workshop.

We work with our own people, with materials from here and with the know-how from here. Our master-upholsterers are the safeguards of a unique heritage that is passed on from generation to generation. Our craft breathes the rare quality of an indestructible regional textile tradition.

Quest for the best

The most experienced craftsmen, superior materials, the best techniques and a rare eye for detail… Whoever opts for a personalised bed of Magnitude is spoiled in all areas. But also, your purchase itself must make a positive experience. Therefore, rely on a pleasant guidance, professional advice and an attentive after-service. Everything goes without saying. And with a smile.

Touches of heaven

Soft dreams! And whoever says soft, says fabric. Magnitude gives you the choice of a wide and varied range of fabrics of renowned material manufacturers. Of pure simplicity to hyper exclusive.

From cotton, wool with felt look and velour to 100% linen or a mixture of viscose/polyester and linen.


With different structures and touches which vary from silky soft to deliciously cool. But also, genuine leather of European origin with elegant saddle stitching belongs to the options.

Do you want to propose a material yourself? We will bend over double to upholster your dream bed to your taste and imagination.