“Fashion and style are two very different things. Fashion says something about the time  and passes on, style says something about your personality and about who you are.” - Cathérine Silence, Designer and Stylist


Styling your night

Choosing is pure fun for one, a challenge for the other. To help you to create your highly personal dream bed, Magnitude presents beds in three different styles. Contemporary, Classic and Fusion.

Each with its own feeling, own colours, own accents. Designed by our own stylists, with lots of love for the craft finished by our own Master-upholsterers. Come and discover our three styles, let the materials glide through your fingers, compare the colours, and choose the style that best matches your personality.

Redefining the night

Magnitude links tradition with renovation. We are curious about tomorrow, and always willing to redefine the concept of the bedroom and redesign the bed. We keep our eyes and ears constantly open for new trends, new materials and new techniques.

Everything can really be a source of inspiration for as long as it is something that contributes fundamentally to the end result.   Think of finishes with craft decorative stitching, the use of more natural materials, the trend toward higher “hotel”-beds with box  springs and comforters, or even beds that seem to float.


Lay yourself down in a work of art that invites you to sweet dreams


The night knows no boundaries. Awakening is returning from a long journey around the world


Sleep like a rose, wake up like a king


Cutting-edge designers have carte blanche

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