“You don’t learn our craft in one day. The tension of a material, the way in which each type of textile folds  and stretches, the choice of the thread...  these are things you only really grasp after tens of years.” - Eddy Van Oudenhove, Operational Manager


Nightcrafters since 1930

The Magnitude brand and bed concept is the exponent of a long Flemish textile tradition. From the modest damask weaving of Aloïs Corneille to a profit making internationally operating company. One theme always comes back: the quest to find the ultimate sleeping experience.

Generations of passion

A passion for manual craftsmanship, an eye for detail and a desire for perfection, these are the things that dreams are made off. With Magnitude the love of the craft is constantly cherished, refined and refreshed and passed on from generation to generation. Because with us tradition and innovation go hand in hand. In doing so, we are sure that many future generations of dreamers can wake up in a Magnitude bed.

Night Couturiers

From the sawing and the planning of the wooden frames and the assembly of the spring cores to the cutting and sewing of the upholstery… each Magnitude bed goes through the hands of many professionals who know their craft to perfection. But the final touch comes from the master-upholsterer, a pure craftsman who understands the soul and specific properties of each type of material as no other.


Our upholsterers can enjoy a highly specialised training before they go to work in our workshops. To ensure a flawless finish without one crease the covering of your bed is entrusted to one and the same master-upholsterer.