“No renewal for the sake of renewal. New materials and techniques are introduced when they offer a real aesthetic and ergonomic added value.” – Frank Lateur, Supply and Purchase Manager


Uplifting luxury

The secret of each Magnitude bed lies in the symbiosis between two special comfort dimensions: a ‘pleasant welcome’ and ‘deep spring force’. For a ‘pleasant welcome’ Magnitude uses high quality Talalay latex for the cover layer in the mattress cores and comforters. This superior 100% natural latex fits seamlessly into your body contours and offers a maximum spring force. Your lying down on a Magnitude bed feels like coming home. We obtain the ‘deep spring force’ with the use of individually responsive pocket springs in the box spring and in the soul of the mattress. The combination of ‘pleasant welcome’ and ‘deep spring force’ creates a unique comfort experience that few other manufacturers of luxury beds can somewhat know how to approach.

All the support you need

A Magnitude bed will carry and support you intensely, all night long. That is why each Magnitude mattress and box spring has different support zones that fit perfectly with your individual contours. These zones, each provided with specific types of spring, give each a different pressure so that your head, shoulders, loins, hips and legs are perfectly supported. High quality finishing layers of 100% Talalay natural latex and a more flexible set of springs in the shoulder area of the box spring regulate the support on your body seamlessly.

Superior sleeping climate

There is no pleasant sleep experience without a sophisticated sleeping climate. That is why all the Magnitude covers have a high absorption and moisture regulating power that keeps your body at an ideal temperature range at night and discharges your sweat optimally. So, you can sleep and wake up fit and refreshed. An important role is hereby reserved for the Magnitude Oxygène and Oxygène Plus cover. This high technological solution provides a superior moisture balance thanks to a unique viscose knitting with air ducts which immediately absorbs and disposes of the moisture and makes it immediately evaporate. Furthermore, every fibre of the cover contains ”probiotics” which neutralise food for the house dust mite causing the mattress cover to be guaranteed free from house dust mites.

Feel so good

For a Magnitude bed only the very best is good enough. Therefore, we choose systematically the best high value materials and raw materials. Such as certified pine wood from Scandinavia for the basic structure of your bed. Durable Talalay natural latex from South-East Asia for a springy and airy mattress core. Steel wire of European suppliers for the production of the spring cores. Elastic ponytail hairs for optimum support. 100% natural comfortable linen for the lining. And anti-static, isothermal wild silk which is cool to the touch during warm weather and pleasantly warm in cold temperatures…

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