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Your bedroom in 2019: spicy imperfection

  The New Year is imminent and will soon bring a breath of fresh air to your home and your bedroom. Curious about what 2019 has in store? Discover the…

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19 Dec

Nutrition advice for dreamland

A feeling of fatigue is often due to sleep deprivation, however, we must not forget the influence of our eating habits. Eating unhealthy foods can have a negative impact on…

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11 Dec

How winter affects your sleep

The days are again shorter, the evenings and nights longer. But is that really true? Although your bed calls you a bit earlier, you may have noticed that you sleep…

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19 Nov

How do you counter light pollution?

We are all guilty of it. As soon as we have settled in bed, we quickly take our iPad or smartphone to check our mails and social profiles. The increased…

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05 Nov

A lifetime of sleep

It is a widespread misunderstanding that you need less sleep as you get older. The truth is that we cannot catch the necessary sleep anymore. Regardless of which generation you…

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03 Oct

New season, turn and reverse your mattress!

A mattress is an important purchase that you want to enjoy as long as possible. Your mattress is daily intensively used and that takes its toll. You probably air your…

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17 Sep

Allergy-proof your bedroom

You don’t see them, but they are there! Dust mites, microscopical little creatures that spread in manifold around your house. Their favorite spot? Your cozy, warm bed. If you’re lucky, you…

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11 Sep